2 Propositions on Suffolk County Ballot

Suffolk County voters will have two propositions before them this year. Both are printed on the back of the ballot.

Proposition I would double the length of office of Suffolk County legislators from two to four years.  The 18 legislators would still be limited to a total of 12 years in the legislature. any change in length of terms would go into effect in January 2022 and would apply to all 18 legislators elected next year.

Proposition II would allow Suffolk County to avoid repaying $183 million of what it borrowed from the Drinking Water Protection Program, citing the fiscal stress related to the Covid-19 crisis. The county has been ordered by a court to return the money.

Both are yes or no choices.

Suffolk County Propositions

Resolution No. 442-2020, “A Charter Law To Change The Legislative Term Of Office From Two (2) Years To Four (4) Years”

Shall Resolution No. 442-2020, Adopting a Charter Law to
Change the Legislative Term of Office for County Legislators
from Two (2) Years to Four (4) Years be approved?

Resolución N° 442-2020, “Estatutos para cambiar el mandato legislativo de dos (2) años a cuatro (4) años”

¿Debería ser aprobada la Resolución N° 442-2020, al adoptar una Ley de la Constitución para cambiar el mandato legislativo de los legisladores del condado de dos (2) años a cuatro (4) años?

Resolution No. 547-2020, “A Charter Law to Transfer Excess Funds in the Sewer Assessment Stabilization Reserve Fund to the Suffolk County Taxpayer Trust Fund and to Eliminate the Requirement that Interfund Transfers Be Made from the General Fund to the Sewer Assessment Stabilization Fund”

Shall Resolution No. 547-2020 be approved?

“La Resolución No. 547- 2020, “Estatutos para transferir fondos excedentes en el Fondo de Reserva de Estabilización y Evaluación del Alcantarillado, al Fondo Fiduciario de Contribuyentes del Condado Suffolk y para eliminar el requisito de que las Transferencias entre Fondos se hagan del Fondo General al Fondo de Estabilización y Evaluación del Alcantarillado”

¿Se debería aprobar la Resolución No. 547- 2020?


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