20,000 Lose Vaccine Appointments at Stony Brook

About 20,0000 residents lost their reservations for the Covid-19 vaccine in Stony Brook University after discovery that the  link used to make them was posted fraudulently, the state said Friday.

It was not clear how the link was posted or how people got access to it, and the state is promising to investigate.

“You made a vaccination appointment for a state-run location through an inactive link that was shared without authorization,” those who had used that link were told, adding that their appointments were canceled.

The state said it had received 844,250 vaccines in the first four weeks, and administered  623,172, or  74% of them.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo also said that about half of New York State residents are now eligible for the vaccine, but that the supply is coming up short. That came on top of reports that while the federal government announced  that it would release its reserves of vaccine,  that supply is already exhausted.

State to Penalize Providers Who Violate Covid-19 Vaccine Protocols



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