3 Running for Seats on Huntington School Board

Three people, including two incumbents, are running in the Huntington school board election on May 16.

The new board will work with a new superintendent, succeeding James W. Polansky who is retiring as of Sept. 1.

Kelly Donovan is seeking re-election. She was first elected to the board in 2020, chosen to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of president Jen Hebert.

On Facebook, Donovan said, “It has truly been an honor to serve in this position for the past three years and I’m focused on representing our incredible district and community moving forward, as we undergo a period of significant change within the administration.

“Huntington schools have provided my family so many incredible gifts, from inspirational teachers and academic rigor to aspirational performance opportunities. Our diverse community fosters a unique opportunity for introspection, growth and connection. With this guiding spirit, I am extremely motivated to continue my service and remain steadfast in the Board’s commitment to equality, acceptance and academic excellence.

“I intend to bring ideation, stability, passion and unwavering Blue Devil pride to this important role, as I have done throughout my tenure in the district as trustee, PTA officer, parent volunteer and vigorous advocate for all students and families.”
Xavier Palacios, elected to the board in 2012, has been instrumental in the success of  Huntington High School’s mock trial team, which is headed for the state finals.
He wrote, “I am excited to announce that I am running for the Huntington School Board after four terms of leadership, commitment and caring for our district families, students and teachers. The next school board will confront the challenges and opportunities of identifying and supporting a new superintendent, setting the course for the future of our district and larger community.
“As a Blue Devil for life and an experienced school board leader, I humbly ask for your support on May 16th. We have made much progress over the last four terms. In this fifth term, working hand and hand with our community, I am confident that we can advance the Huntington School District to be the district of first choice on Long Island.
“The Huntington schools shaped and nurtured my brother and I during our childhood and today does the same for my daughters. I humbly ask for your support and pledge my deep commitment to ensure that all of our families can enjoy the brightest future in Huntington.”
Amaru Jones is challenging. The community activiist wrote,

“This decision is something that I have truly dwelled on and thought about for a very long time. Impacting the next generation in education has always been a passion of mine. With my experiences in the classroom as a past educator it has showed me that we have to create successful people of society rather than just successful students in the classroom.
“Scholars throughout the school district receiving resources and guidance in whatever field they are talented to reach their true potential of themselves. By allocating these resources to these scholars we get see the next generation of great minds develop in front of us and impact the world.
With that being said I am excited to announce that I will be running for Huntington School Board.”

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