Shellfishing Limited Over Labor Day

The state Department of Environmental Conservation will close three North Shore areas to shellfishing on the North Shore over the Labor Day weekend.

They are:

    • 445 acres in a section of Oyster Bay Harbor, town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County;
    • 50 acres in the area known as the Sand Hole, town of Huntington, Suffolk County; and
    • 347 acres in northern Port Jefferson Harbor, town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County

The areas will be closed because of an expected increase in boating traffic through the holiday weekend.
Shellfish harvesting is expected to resume in these areas on Thursday, Sept. 9.

If poor weather causes fewer boaters to visit these areas, DEC may rescind the closure and reopen the areas earlier to harvesting. A recorded message advising the public about temporary closures of any shellfishing areas in New York State is accessible 24 hours a day by calling (631) 444-0480.

The recorded message also advises  when such areas have reopened. Information, including maps showing the affected areas, is available on DEC’s website.

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