6 Huntington Station Revitalization Plans Approved by State

Six projects to revitalize Huntington Station with improvements in streetscaping, additional housing and other plans were approved Friday by the state.

The state will provide Huntington with $9.7 million under the Downtown Revitalization Initiative to:

Redevelop Southgate Affordable Rental Housing Redevelopment at 1264-1268 New York Avenue ($2,000,000). This project involves the demolition of existing buildings and the redevelopment of the site into a mixed-use, three-story building. The new building would provide new commercial sites on the ground floor and apartments on the second and third floors.

Transform 1328 New York Avenue into The Concord Mixed-Use Development ($1,087,000). This project will transform an underutilized site into two three-story mixed-use buildings containing workforce housing and retail space. The development will include residential units, residential amenity space and commercial space.

Create New Open Space and Play Area at Huntington Public Library Station Branch ($536,000). Construction of outdoor spaces at the Huntington Park Public Library station branch include a secure outdoor children’s area on the West side of the library building and a reading and program space in the front court 

Implement New York Avenue Streetscape Improvements ($4,675,000). This project will implement roadway and pedestrian improvements along New York Avenue between Depot Road and 9th Street (11th Street if funding allows) to improve walkability, safety and attractiveness.

Implement Small Business Facade and Renovation Grant Fund ($600,00). The Town of Huntington Economic Development Corporation will establish a grant fund to assist small businesses with (re)investing in their commercial space within the DRI area. The grant will fund exterior renovations including: signage/awnings, windows, entrances/patios, doors, lighting, painting and exteriors/sidings. The Town will establish design guidelines for the grant fund.

Construct Pedestrian Walkway Improvements Connecting to LIRR Station ($802,000). This project will redesign a portion of the parking lot south of the LIRR station to provide an attractive and inviting pedestrian walkway and seating area. The walkway connects the LIRR station to New York Avenue.

Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth said, “On behalf of the Town of Huntington, I would like to thank the Governor’s office, the Department of State, Empire State Development, and the Long Island Regional Economic Development for their generous Downtown Revitalization Initiative award, which will contribute to the restoration of Huntington Station’s New York Avenue business district. With this award, we will be able to restore Huntington Station to the vibrant community we know it can be, and I am looking forward to working with the State to achieve this.”

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