Addition of Safety Signs Sets Off Complaints

The addition of traffic signs to lampposts on Mill Dam Road in Centerport has sparked some complaints about their looks and placement in an often-photographed area.

But the Town of Huntington said the signs were placed after concerns were brought by some other residents and a police officer who noted the flow of  pedestrians and cars exiting the nearby Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church.

One poster wrote, “There is now no way to capture a beautiful sunset or any other special moment with out those god awful signs in the photo. I’m all for safety but there has to be a better way.”

Another wrote, “I agree! I was JUST saying to my teenage son what a sin it is… those signs are a monstrosity. My sister had wedding photos on that bridge. I’ve captured beautiful moments on that bridge…”

The social media complaints have centered on the neon green signs, some of which were attached to old-fashioned lampposts on or near the bridge. That is a favorite spot of many people looking to fish in Mill Pond and photographers, who often line the bridge to shoot pictures of  the bald eagles that swoop over the area from a nest nearby.

 Scott Spittal, director of Huntington’s Department of Transportation and Traffic Safety, said the signs were attached to the lampposts because of structural integrity concerns involved in drilling directly into the bridge.

Signs are installed near three crosswalks on the bridge, with his department choosing the neon green because it is more visible for an area with no traffic signals.


Bald Eagles



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  1. honestly the signs are very ugly in appearance and honestly not needed, people need to cross when its safe, since those eagle watchers showed up its been a hassle sometimes driving by there due to there parking, stopping on the bridge in theirs cars and spilling on the road off the curb…….the biggest traffic issue is on Sunday morning when those attending church services create a traffic hazard narrowing part of the road leading to the bridge and the police do nothing enforcing this, selective policing at its best….just saying….

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