As a locally owned business, supports other businesses in Huntington, and hopes you’ll return the support and reach the audience that matters to you.

We know local businesses have been through a difficult time in the last year and we want to help  you to recover by getting your message out to the public.

A variety of advertising slots are on, with a mix of prices and duration. Some slots you can see now, while other positions can be created to meet an advertiser’s need. All display ads run on every single page on the site except the calendar, which has its own ad capability.

In addition to display advertising, we offer sponsored placement of articles in the news columns. In addition, we are redoing our calendar soon and will have the ability to place paid events.

We’re averaging about 100,000 views a month, and virtually all of our readership comes from this area. Our site cover primarily Huntington itself, Huntington Station, the hamlets and villages,  school districts, real estate, town government, police, and business.

We have just begun working with, which assists with providing distinctive displays on the site; some templates offer the opportunity to pull in you Instagram postings into a display ad, offer coupons, or  ads tht point to your business in an animated cube or square.

Our prices range from $300 for the leaderboard spot at the top of the page (currently displaying a large ad from a Huntington law firm) to $150 for a small ad farther down the page in the right hand column. Both of those prices are for a month’s display, and we are flexible on the duration.

Below, you’ll see just a small sample of the kinds of ads we can produce for you. Or, if you prefer, you can produce your own.

For organizations that want to simply post their press releases, we do so on a special page and promote that release at least twice on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Please consider advertising with us and reaching the readers you want.

Pam Robinson
[email protected]

Leaderboard: $300 a month.
Banner: $250
Sidebar ads of approximately 300p by 300p, $200.
We are flexible about the length of time ads would run, but we quote monthly rates for simplicity’s sake.