Affordable-Housing Lottery to Be Drawn Wednesday

The town will draw names Wednesday in a lottery for affordable housing and a chance to purchase a 4-bedroom home in Greenlawn.

The drawing for the home at Harborfields Estates Phase I will take place at 5 p.m. after the Town Board meeting at Town Hall.

 Eligible individuals and families who met the income and asset guidelines were encouraged to enter the lottery for the opportunity to purchase the home.  857 applicants entered the lottery, of which 748 were “priority” applicants.

The first, or “priority,” drawing will be for applicants who are residents of the Town of Huntington or who are employed by a business or entity that maintains a verifiable physical location within the Town of Huntington, or non-residents who have parents, children, grandchildren or grandparents who are residents of the Town of Huntington. The second drawing, for applicants who did not meet the above criteria, will follow.

Eligible applicants appear in list form at

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