Alkemy, an ‘Ice Cream Experience’ Coming to Huntington Village

You might not be thinking about ice cream right now, given the cold, but Alan Lacher is betting that there’s customer interest in ice cream as an experience.

The Dix Hills businessman is going to open Alkemy,  at 260 Main St, Huntington, in January.  But the plan calls not just for a couple of scoops of vanilla in a waffle cone.

Instead, Alkemy will be, in part, “a theatrical performance,” he said, with ice cream made right in front of the customers.  Lacher says, “Our tagline is, ‘Ice cream so fresh, we haven’t made it yet’. We make and sell outrageously delicious, premium ice cream, as part of a unique presentation. Each customer’s batch is individually made with farm-fresh ingredients and flash-frozen before their eyes using liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees.”

Ice cream will not be pre-made; there won’t be freezers full of product.

“All ice cream will be made fresh–customers place an order, pick a mix and add-ons,” he said. “We buy local milk and cream from trusted dairy farmers, source our vanilla from family farms in Uganda, and our chocolate from premium producers like Guittard and Callebaut.  We cook, melt, infuse and brew our delicious cream bases onsite every day and let the customer decide how to perfect their own.They pick their favorite pastries, mixings and toppings and we blend and flash freeze it all together using the highest grade liquid nitrogen for a treat that’s smoother and creamier than the finest Italian gelatos.”

Lacher also plans to provide catering for formal and corporate events as well as casual birthday and backyard pool parties.

A former software executive, Lacher said he is looking forward to opening the shop, saying he’s “proud to be part of the Huntington downtown community – a safe, friendly and beautiful downtown district with amazing dining, nightlife and shopping.”


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