‘American Horror Story’ Comes to Huntington

“American Horror Story’ came to Huntington Village Friday night, with crews filling Wall Street and dozens of residents lining the sidewalk to watch.

There were rumors that Kim Kardashian, who signed up to the FX series last month, but no one seemed to know for sure whether the pop culture icon/attention magnet actually showed up in Huntington to appear in the series’ 12th season.

The owner of Once Upon a Baby Gallery gently shooed people away from the front of her shop, saying that filming was supposed to move into her store at some point. Amazon says that the story line involves “a woman convinced a sinister figure is going to great lengths to make sure her pregnancy never happens.”

Jack Palladino, owner of Christopher’s, said Thursday night that crews had visited businesses earlier to work out production details and lessen the impact of their production work on businesses.

TV Crew Moving In Downtown; Parking Access Limited



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