Architectural Plans for Huntington Shopping Center Advance

The architectural plans for renovations at the Huntington Shopping Center won unanimous approval from the Planning Board Wednesday.

Members of the board praised the renderings of the proposed changes, which include, according to Christopher W. Robinson of R&M Engineering, major changes in the looks of the New York Avenue side of the project.

One member referred to the site as “an old dilapidated center. This is a very exciting upgrade of an outdated shopping center,”  and another member said, “These renderings are absolutely spectacular. That area is so in need of this.”

Robinson said the redesign “should represent a significant improvement along New York Avenue.” The changes include a more than 40-foot landscape buffer for an area now containing Dumpsters and sometimes used for storage.

The plans will go to the Building Department for the next phase of  permits for the redevelopment.

Whole Foods confirmed earlier this week that it would move into Huntington.

Shopping center discussion after 15:15 minutes.

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