Asharoken Avenue Breached by Waves

Asharoken Avenue was breached Monday afternoon as rain and winds pushed water onto the narrow road.

Multiple videos shot by drivers trying to navigate the road showed a white box truck off to the side of the road. Asharoken police, who were on the scene, said the road would remain open until a crew arrives to remove the truck.

One poster on social media wrote, “Just drove through the breach on Asharoken…. scary but made it through. A truck is still off on the road stuck on the sand shoulder. Police car at site watching the cars pass by. If you can avoid leaving the neck, I recommend staying home.”

Another said, “Wonderful to be home” as she drove, and a third poster showed video of her car being sprayed from both the breach and another vehicle hurrying past in the other direction.

Photo from a screen grab of a video by Augie Piazza.