Author Jeannie Moon Tells a Holiday Romance Tale

USA Today bestselling romance author Jeannie Moo delivers a Christmas romance that was inspired by her Huntington roots.

You’ve just come out with a new book for the holiday season. Why did you write Christmas in Angel Harbor?

This book is a love letter to women who are the backbone of their communities. That community
might be small, like a family, or bigger and more diverse, like a business.

Jane Fallon, the heroine in CIAH has a big, soft heart, and a spine of steel. Her roles as
mother, daughter, friend, and business owner illustrate what we know…that women are
rarely, if ever, content to reside in one box.

I also wanted to bust the age barrier we often find in the romance genre, giving my
characters more life experience. Both the heroine and hero are fifty, and love at fifty
isn’t the same as love at twenty-five. The mileage changes your perspective, and it’s

This book takes place on Long Island, which is a favorite setting for you. Why did you
bring your books home?

The physical beauty of Long Island makes for a great setting, but really the people are
the strength of any setting. That may seem like an odd statement when we know setting
is about time and place, but people give those elements depth and character. They give
a location meaning. My family has been in Huntington since the 1920’s, and I’ve grown
to appreciate what those deep roots have meant for me.

My Compass Cove series is set in the area that is occupied by Oyster Bay (with a
sprinkling of Cold Spring Harbor). Angel Harbor was inspired by Northport, and Holly
Point was inspired by Westhampton Beach. There’s so much history and culture, along
with traditions that go back generations, my characters have buckets of material to
work with.

Having successfully published close to twenty books, what advice do you have for
aspiring or first-time authors?

There are a few pieces of advice I’d impart. First, find a writers’ group. It’s invaluable to
have the company of other authors to keep you going during those down swings.
Published or not, we all go through peaks and valleys. Long Island Romance Writers,
Mystery Writers of America and Long Island Children’s Writers and Illustrators all have
local chapters. Local libraries often offer classes or host groups. The connections and
education you will find with fellow authors will be invaluable.

Second, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. If you really want to publish your stories,
settle in for the long haul. It’s a rough road sometimes, but totally worth it.

How can people get in touch with you and/or purchase Christmas in Angel Harbor?
I can be reached through my website at Readers can browse my
titles, read excerpts and find fun book extras. My books are available at all major
retailers, but don’t forget about Book Revue. You can always place an order if they don’t
have a title in stock.

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