Authorities Warning Against Distracted Driving

The Town of Huntington recently hosted a demonstration of the dangers of distracted driving as part of recognition of Distracted Driving Month.

Town Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci was joined by Councilwoman Joan Cergol and Tax Receiver Jillian Guthman, Inspector Christopher M. Hatton of the Second Precinct, and Brandon Ray from AT&T to discuss the dangers of texting and driving.  In addition, AT&T’s new distracted-driving simulator was on hand.

The new virtual reality simulator, It Can Wait, puts a viewer face-to-face with the dangers of distracted driving.

“It was impactful,” Lupinacci  said of the virtual reality experience. “The simulator serves as a quick wake up call to all drivers that in the split second it takes to look at your phone, your life can be dramatically changed – or it can end – and no text message is more important than the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.”

“The 2nd Precinct is proud to partner with AT&T and the Town of Huntington for the It Can Wait initiative. It is extremely important that we educate our residents on the hazards of distracted driving and do  our part to help prevent a tragedy on our roads,” Hatton said.

Cergol said, “On an intellectual level, I think we all understand that it is not a good idea to text and access social media while driving, but it takes an exhibit such as AT&T’s It Can Wait virtual reality demonstration to really bring the point home.”

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