Baby Arrives in Huntington Station With the Help of 911 Dispatcher

Suffolk County Ed Romaine commended two 911 dispatchers on Thursday for their help with the delivery of babies, including one who assisted a Huntington Station family with their new baby boy.

His office said that the Huntington Station delivery occurred Thursday morning after the caller notified 911 at 10:25 a.m. that her cousin was having a baby. Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services dispatcher Christine Springer was able to direct the caller on how to assist with the delivery of the child and provided emergency medical dispatch instructions. Springer ensured the child was breathing and directed the caller to clear the child’s mouth and nose and to wrap the baby in a clean towel. The baby boy was delivered at approximately 10:28 a.m. Police and the Huntington Community First Aid Squad arrived before the umbilical cord was tied off.

On Wednesday, at approximately 7:59 p.m. FRES dispatcher John Spiciati took a call from a Great River resident in distress. ESD Spiciati provided emergency medical dispatch instructions and the baby was born about two minutes later.  The baby was transported by Exchange Ambulance of the Islips to Good Samaritan Hospital.

“Our first responders deserve to be praised for the risks they take when responding to emergencies, but it is just as important to recognize the life-saving efforts of our dispatchers who serve as the first line of defense,” said Romaine. “I applaud our two dispatchers for their heroism and for assuring the safe deliveries of two healthy babies and bringing joy to their families.”


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