Back to School Means New Fashion Look

With school starting next week, back to school shopping is underway.

Every year, new clothing trends emerge for both boys and girls, though there are some clothing styles and items that remain popular throughout the years.

This year, clothing from sports brands seem to be on trend, particularly for those in middle school. “Probably like Champion, Adidas and Nike,” said Jack Schilling, a Huntington resident going into 6th grade when asked what was popular. “Those are like the top three.”

He also said Under Armour was popular and frequently shopped there along with Old Navy, Target and Champion.

This is in contrast to what popular websites and magazines like Seventeen say outfits are. Seventeen has an article on their site that gives almost 50 back to school outfit ideas. All of these ideas are based off of what celebrities have worn, such as suits and sequins, and are not things that most people wear.

When visiting stores, Nike and other similar stores seemed to be the busiest with people. They also have been advertising their denim, some having sales since people are buying new school clothes.

In regard to shoes, Vans and Adidas sneakers are the most popular choices.

Stores have been carrying those brands as well as other clothing items for sports teams for boys. For girls this year, tie dye is popular along with the staple graphic t-shirts and denim.

However, even though those brands and styles are trending, not all people follow them.

“I wear mostly what I feel comfortable with,” said Brandon Miller, also a Huntington resident going into 6th grade. “I don’t care what everyone else wears.”

“I like what’s comfortable, but I also like what’s popular. I’ll only wear it if it’s comfortable though,” Schilling said.

    • Other fashion expected to score in 2019
    • Bikers-inspired clothing and accessories.
    • Unusual color combinations such as rust and pink, mauve and orange,
      mint and yellow.
    • Floral print in kids clothes.Animal prints for young girls.
    • Retro style and asymmetrical dresses.

On this year’s first day of school, the halls will be a sea of different trends, and personal style.


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