Back to School: Things to Know About Supply Shopping

With the start of the new school year just a few days away, spoke with Peter Pastorelli of ValueDrugs in Huntington about shopping for school supplies.

Question: Are most people done shopping for back to school? Or do you expect a last-minute rush this weekend, or on the first day of school?

Answer: Believe it or not we are not even half way sold through our inventory yet.  Most shopping is done last minute.  The first day of school is by far the busiest.  High school students don’t get supply lists until the first day.

Q. Are there any items of particular interest?

A. Locker decorating is always trendy.

Q. Is there anything that’s essentially sold out?

A. We stay very in touch with our inventory.  We are almost never sold out of an item right through the first week of school.

Q. What are the popular lunch box themes this year?

A. Lunch box business is not what it used to be.  Not really a big category for us.

Q. Is the use of technology reducing paper/binder/other supply sales?

A. Have not seen this yet, but I can only assume it’s coming.  The Harborfields District is now giving out free Chrome Books to incoming freshmen.  You would assume this would mean less paper, less pens, less binders……..  Not good for BTS retailers.

Q. Anything else we should know?

A. Value Drugs stays in communication with all of the surrounding schools to provide all the items that are on the kids lists.  Our goal is to provide merchandise at competitive prices, all in one stop shopping.  We try to save you time and money.  Value Drugs has staff members on hand assisting students and parents filling their lists.

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