Backyard Recreational Rentals Banned by Town Board

Huntington homeowners won’t be able to rent out their pools or other recreational spaces, under a bill recently passed by the Town Board. 

The law applies to what the town calls “transient recreational use” and bars the advertising or rental or leasing of pools, hottubs, sports courts or yard rentals. 

AirBnB rentals are not covered by the law, Councilman Mark Cuthbertson noted, when two people who operate those rentals expressed concern that they might face new limitations.

The ban grew out of complaints last year when many  homeowners around Long Island began renting out their pools to others during the Covid-19 lockdown. Some homeowners went into running a backyard business to make up for income lost during the economic shutdown or to attract those looking to enjoy the summer while public facilities were either closed or extremely limited.

But other homeowners complained about problems with traffic in their neighborhoods caused by those trying to enjoy backyard recreational opportunities or the idea of their neighborhoods becoming commercial.

Newsday reported last fall that a company called Swimply had listed more than 100 rentals available on Long Island.

The resolution passed unanimously.


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