Barber Hits the Road to Deliver on Haircuts

A “Cut” Above All The Rest, LLC is a mobile barber shop that has been showing up lately in Huntington as well as other parts of Suffolk County. Its unique family owned and operated business comes right to clients’ doors, giving them haircuts at a convenient time and place.

“I was driving one day home from work and I saw a mobile grooming for dogs and that’s where the idea came from,” said Riccardo Pierre, founder of A “Cut” Above All The Rest, LLC.

Pierre has been cutting hair for almost 16 years. He interviewed his customers and others and asked them how they would feel if he went mobile. According to Pierre, many of them said it would be more convenient. They could pick a time that worked for them, rather than having to wait if the shop was busy.

“We wanted to have the convenience of doing larger groups of group homes, weddings and things like that,” said Martine Daphnis, who is in charge of the overall operations of the mobile shop.

Customers love the idea, according to Pierre. Since he has already been cutting hair for a long time, he already has a following; Now that he’s mobile, the business is growing.

The shop services  people from kids to adults. Those with disabilities, the LGTBQ+ community and elders are part of their clientele. The service often get booked for kids with special needs.

“That’s one of the groups of people he caters to because they do need to be able to have him come to their house and give that special attention,” Daphnis said. “They don’t have to go to a shop and wait and sit.”

Not only does the shop allow people to book appointments, but they also provide services at many community events, including the Coral Park basketball tournament in Greenlawn in July and National Night Out in Huntington Station. Both Pierre and Daphnis said organizations frequently invite them to community events, especially now with back to school coming up.

Pierre says he provides any kind of haircut customers want, pointing out that when vouchers ran out at National Night Out, he simply provided cuts for free.

“We like to give back and help out,” said Daphnis on the community events.

Their Facebook page provides a list of the different services offered as well as packages and specials. A few include first responders, a father and son package and military. Pierre and Daphnis said they also give deals to fire departments and EMS.

Those interested in the services that A “Cut” Above All The Rest, LLC provides can visit their Facebook or Instagram pages and make an appointment. They can also call at (631) 333-6050.


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