Board Approves Contracts on Shredding, Oyster Program

The Huntington Town Board has approved contracting with a Garden City company to provide paper shredding services at the Earth Day festival on April 22.

Storage Quarters Records Management will provide the shredding service at the festival, which will be held at Manor Farm Park at 201 Manor Road, on April 22. The contract is approved for up to $500. The resolution was sponsored by Council members Sal Ferro and Joan Cergol.

Also approved Tuesday night in a sweeping block vote of half the agenda:

  • A waterfront festival operated by the Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs, on May 21 at Mill Dam Park. The festival will be part of Safe Boating Week. The festival will include live entertainment, food, craft works and more.
  • Authorized an agreement between the Town of  Huntington and the Village of Northport to operate an oyster FLUPSY program at the Woodbine marina. The Floating Upweller System grows shellfish in open water.
  • Authorized a contract for the Hunting-Tony awards ceremony June 5 at Huntington High School.
  • Accepted the Harborfields Public Library donation of a bench, to be placed at Centerport Beach.
  • Accepted an anonymous donation of $250 worth of bare root trees and saplings for planting at an Arbor Day celebration in April.
  • Approved a $5,000 grant to Housing Help Inc., as part of the  Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)  among the Town of Huntington, the Town of Huntington Economic Development Corporation, and Renaissance Downtowns at Huntington Station LLC. 

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