Board to Consider Changes in Snow Removal Rules

The Huntington Town Board has scheduled a public hearing for May 11 to consider changing requirements around removing snow and ice from sidewalks.

Under the proposed changes, residential property owners would have up to 24 hours to clear sidewalks, while commercial properties would get up to 12 hours for the task.Both extend from the time snow has stopped falling, not counting the hours between 9 p.m. and 7 a..m.

The town said that because plows may still be operating at the four-hour mark after a major snowfall, snow can get pushed onto sidewalks, and removal services may not be able to finish the volume of their clients in that time.  Officials hope to increase compliance by extending the times.

The hearing will also consider different penalties for properties with up to 100 linear feet of sidewalk vs. properties with more than 100 feet of sidewalk, and escalating penalties for the second and subsequent offenses if they occur within five years of the first offense.
Another hearing is scheduled for the same day, to consider requiring the screening of such rooftop equipment as HVAC or wireless telecommunications equipment on commercial or industrial buildings. The goal is to reduce a negative impact on building design and limit the noise, emissions and light effects of the equipment.

Screens or barriers would be needed to complement the building’s design. The Planning Board will determine the characteristics of the required screening or barrier during the site plan review process.


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