Candidates for Supervisor Respond to Fatal Shooting

Two of the candidates for Huntington town supervisor called for action Tuesday in response to the fatal shooting of a man in Huntington Station.

Suffolk police said Tuesday that Luis Cameron Rimmer-Hernandez, 21, of Dix Hills was found shot in front of 56 Lowndes Avenue. No other information about what led to the shooting was immediately available.

Republican Ed Smyth and Democrat Rebecca Sanin took different approaches to the killing; the former said residents who know something about the case should speak up. Sanin offered a broader plan to fight crime.

“I have been in contact with the Suffolk County Police Department 2nd precinct,” Smyth said. “The matter is being fully investigated with all available resources.  I encourage members of the community who have any information regarding last night’s shooting to reach out to the Second Precinct anonymously. Crimes like this are much more difficult to solve without the cooperation of the local community. I have offered the 2nd Precinct our full cooperation and any town resources they may require.”

Democrat Rebecca Sanin said that, “First and foremost, I support the police, and I support their efforts to protect our community.  When I served in Suffolk County government, I worked closely with the officers of the 2nd Precinct and I would do even more to build a strong partnership.  While the Town doesn’t have its own police force, we can do more to protect the community.  That is why I would work with the 2nd Precinct as partners to create a Crime Prevention by Environmental Design (CPED) strategy.  That’s a fancy way of saying something that’s very common sense.  Do you feel safer on a well-lit street or a dark alley?  Do you feel safer when you have a clear line of sight or on a sidewalk with overgrown bushes?”

“As supervisor, I would work with public safety experts and the community to review data to identify the streets in which crime is occurring most frequently and develop a strategy within the Town’s purview to build safety by cutting overgrown brushes, adding street lighting, studying whether traffic flow would impact behavior and considering making certain streets one way to manage flow of people and being creative to make it physically inhospitable to commit crimes.

Meanwhile, Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci said, “The Suffolk County Police Department Second Precinct has the full cooperation of the Town and access to Town resources as needed in their investigation of the fatal shooting in Huntington Station last night. Violence cannot be tolerated anywhere in the Town of Huntington, or any civil society. This shooting underscores the need for a well-funded and properly trained police force to protect and serve our communities in the interest of public safety.”

2 Replies to “Candidates for Supervisor Respond to Fatal Shooting”

  1. Apply Pressure to Street Criminals. Don’t just ignore this area because it’s dangerous, if you make it comfortable for criminals this is the result. Stop cars, see whose in these gangs, get some intelligence, be proactive so when something like this occurs you have resources for informants or knowledge of who is involved.

  2. Also stop making this a political promise because that’s all it is, so just don’t take as a bunch of fools. Just do your job and if you’re someone who is looking to get elected tell us what you’ve done instead of what you’ll do.

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