Protesters Rally Against Development in Centerport

Protesters turned out in the bitter cold Saturday morning against development in Centerport that has many concerned about the wildlife at Mill Pond and traffic safety.

The reconstruction of the former Thatched Cottage catering hall, renamed Water’s Edge, and a plan for a 7-Eleven store at the intersection of Little Neck Road and Route 25A brought together members of the Centerport Harbor Civic Association and of the Bald Eagles of Centerport, NY Facebook group in protest.

A woman named Debbie, who didn’t want to give her last name, owns the property that abuts a parking area next to the proposed 7-Eleven, and said the traffic to a convenience store concerned her, noting that it is already difficult to turn into her driveway across Route 25A.

Some protesters said the store would bring bright lighting, 24-hour traffic, and pollution. Others said the Water’s Edge project threatens water quality, which in turn threatens the two bald eagles whose presence in the area has drawn interest and photographers from around the world..

Rob Schwartz, creator of the Bald Eagles Facebook page, said, “Today the citizens of Centerport and local residents including people who care about our town gathered to rally for Centerport. We wish to have the town and those who wish to do business have the best interest of Centerport residents in mind for safety purposes, the health of our unique wild life and to make sure they consider the historic value of town.”


Centerport Residents Fight 7-Eleven and Other Nearby Development


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