Cinema Arts Centre Undergoing Major Upgrades

Cinema Arts Centre  is undergoing a major renovation, with improved wheelchair accessibility, new seating and carpeting.

Nathan Close, director of marketing and communications for the theater, said the current renovations  have been in the works for a long time. In a statement on its website, the theater said “The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant financial stress on movie theaters, along with the rest of our world. However, the temporary closure of the Cinema presented an opportunity to make improvements in our physical space. Using funds that were raised for this exact purpose prior to the pandemic, we have been making significant renovations.”

Phase one of the renovations, which saw the replacement of the theaters’ two largest screens, were planned in 2017 and took place back in 2019. The plan heading into 2020 was to close for a few months for some more upgrades, but once Covid hit in March, and the theater was forced to shut down, Close said management decided to “make the best of a bad situation” and undergo a complete renovation.

Other improvements  include new seating, adding cup holders, repairing floors and updating the HVAC system. Close said that when the project is complete, the hope is that theater goers will have “an improved experience.”

Close said the renovation is taking longer than expected, complicated by working through town regulations and problems in the supply chain but the theater is headed toward completion.

Close also said the town has granted the theater leniency on their rent to “ease the financial burden” from Covid.

As of now, there is no set date for the theater to reopen, but the hope is that people will be back in the seats, enjoying films as soon as possible.

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