Classes Teach Hands-Only CPR

The Louis J. Acompora Memorial  Foundation and the Town of Huntington offered hands-only CPR training to residents last week at St. Hugh of Lincoln Church.

 Training was offered in English and Spanish.

About 115 people attended and were shown a film and then given instruction in performing  the lifesaving procedure.

The English class was taught by John Acompora  who, along with his wife, Karen, have been  certified CPR instructors for the past 16 years. The Spanish class was given by Galo Gallardo.

Attendees practiced the procedure on dummies with the guidance of  instructors, a majority of whom are foundation volunteers  and the HO-CPR team from the Huntington Community First Aid Squad.

They were also instructed in the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

The Acomporas lost their 14 year old son, Louis, when he was struck in the chest while playing goalie during his first lacrosse game.  He went into sudden cardiac arrest and could not be saved. Since then John and Karen have founded the not for profit Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation and made it their mission to have people trained in CPR and  AED on sight at all sports activities. In 2002, Louis’ Law was passed which requires AEDs in New York public schools and other public places.

Since the passage of the law, 99 lives have been saved by the AED.  Their motto is “Taking Our Children Out of Harm’s Way”.

For more information or to establish a Public Access Defibrillation Program contact the

Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation

PO Box 767

Northport, NY 11768-1971


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