Clean Pass Rules to Change in February

New Clean Pass vehicle stickers for single-occupant HOV lane access on the Long Island Expressway will only be issued to owners of plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, as of Feb.1.

These vehicles must also be registered in New York State in order to qualify.  The HOV lane may also continue to be used by non-commercial vehicles with two or more occupants, buses, and motorcycles.

The New York State Departments of Transportation, Motor Vehicles and Environmental Conservation said this week that the change was needed to comply with federal mandates.

New York State will continue to allow Clean Pass eligibility and registration for new low-emission, energy-efficient vehicles (LEEEV) through Jan. 31. In addition, vehicles registered under the Clean Pass program before that date may continue to participate in the program, provided the vehicles’ current stickers are properly placed on the vehicles’ bumpers. After Jan. 31, only vehicles listed on the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s “Drive Clean Rebate” program list will be eligible to enter the Clean Pass program. Owners of qualifying vehicles will be able to request new stickers from the  Department of Motor Vehicles.

New York’s Clean Pass program was designed to promote and enhance the use of energy efficient vehicles, providing Long Island commuters with incentives to save time and money while supporting the environment. Federal emissions and fuel economy standards were used to determine vehicle eligibility. Before the start of Clean Pass, HOV lanes on the LIE were reserved for use by vehicles with two or more occupants, buses and motorcycles during peak travel times, rules which will remain in effect.

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