Cold Spring Harbor Lab Wins TD Bank Challenge

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) has been awarded the TD Ready Challenge to support its new organoid facility.

The TD Ready Challenge is an initiative by TD Bank to catalyze innovative solutions for a changing world. The grant provides financial support to organizations that have designed solutions to help improve access to early detection and intervention for diseases, with the goal of helping to increase equitable health for a more diverse population. These solutions strive to improve underserved populations’ access to methods of early detection and intervention.

CSHL is one of 10 winners of this year’s grant, which provides $1 million (CAD) to support the new organoid facility.

Organoids are three-dimensional cell culture systems that reproduce a patient’s tumor in a petri dish. They provide scientists a way to test tumor sensitivities to chemotherapy and other drugs. CSHL Cancer Center Director David Tuveson helped to pioneer the use of organoids in pancreatic cancer research.

CSHL is establishing the facility to advance the development of organoid-based clinical tests and to broadly disseminate these capabilities to clinical and research institutions across the country. This facility will help process thousands of organoids to aid in the development of new screenings and treatment.



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