Company Buys Huntington Coach

Transportation company Huntington Coach has been purchased by Beacon Mobility, which operates 17 other brands in 22 states, according to the websie Mergers & Acquisitions.

Huntington Coach was founded in 1927, transported workers in World War II, and expanded into school transportation over the years. It has contracts to transport students in numerous  school districts around Long Island.

The Huntington company has about 1,000 vehicles and employees, Beacon Mobility said.

Beacon also bough Hendrickson Bus and Dell Transportation on Long Island.

“There is nothing more important than serving the needs of our students, families and schools to ensure kids are transported safety to and from their daily obligations, and we are proud to join forces with Beacon Mobility to continue this important work,” said Brendan Clifford, Vice President of Operations.  “For many decades, our loyal employees and team members have fulfilled our daily mission to support Long Island communities and we are confident that the future is bright for all with Beacon Mobility.”

“We are pleased to expand our footprint on Long Island by welcoming three outstanding and distinguished new companies to join the growing Beacon Mobility family,” said Judith Crawford, CEO of Beacon Mobility.  “Huntington Coach Corp, Huntington Coach LLC, Hendrickson Bus and Dell Transportation have been faithfully serving the transportation needs of Long Island communities for nearly 100 years and we look forward to expanding our fleet and adding over 1,000 new drivers and employees to our team as we continue our mission to serve all the transportation needs of our communities.”



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