Coronavirus Update: 6 Million Tests Completed in NY State

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Sunday that New York State has completed 6 million diagnostic COVID-19 tests.

On Saturday, the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 dropped to 556, the lowest number since March 17. Three deaths occurred and the three-day rolling average for deaths dropped to four, the lowest number since mid-March. No deaths were reported in New York City Saturday.

“We’ve now conducted over 6 million tests, and the numbers are just about where we want them to be, which is all very good news and says that our plan is working,” Cuomo said. “However, context is important, and there are storm clouds on the horizon in the form of new cases throughout the country and a lack of compliance here in the state, and I urge New Yorkers to stay New York Smart and local governments to properly enforce state guidance.”

The State Liquor Authority and State Police Task Force visited 1,070 establishments Saturday in New York City and Long Island  and found 36 establishments that were not in compliance with state requirements.

The Task Force has observed a total of 13,684 establishments. A county breakdown of violations is below:

  • Bronx – 5
  • Brooklyn – 0
  • Manhattan – 10
  • Queens – 18
  • Staten Island – 1
  • Nassau – 0
  • Suffolk – 2

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