Councilmen Touring Huntington Small Businesses

Huntington Councilmen Sal Ferro and Dr. Dave Bennardo have launched a tour of Huntington township small businesses, planning to visit 100 of them.

Both say the idea is to highlight the businesses that serve as the economic engine in town.

Bennardo said they will visit businesses all over the township. “We are looking for a diversity of businesses, throughout all parts of Huntington,” he said.

“We wanted to take care of small businesses, being that’s they’re the lifeblood of our town and we wanted to not only meet them but showcase them. We’re going to go out and show that these businesses exist–shop local and give them an opportunity to be heard. The best way is to visit and show them support,” Ferro said.

The first visit was to Sardo’s Pizzeria in Greenlawn, which coincided with a holiday party for the Nathan Hale Senior Citizens Club.

Other visits have already been scheduled but Ferro and Bennardo are welcoming more.  Call 631-351-3085 to arrange a visit.

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