Covid-19: Bellone Praises Schools; Epidemic Continues

New York State has recorded 8,627 statewide deaths as of Saturday morning, which includes 783 more fatalities in the last day. There were also 180,458 confirmed cases statewide.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said Saturday afternoon that 458 have died in the county since the epidemic began, up 44 since Friday, with 20,067 cases in the county, including 2,598 in Huntington. However, the county is reporting a slowing down in the rate of new patients. And 160 Covid-19 patients have been released from hospitals in the last day.

Bellone also praised school districts that have provided remote learning while continuing to feed thousands of students. 

“The schools have done a great job in getting out the meals to kids who need them,” he said. “More than  770,000 meals have been distributed by the schools. That is extraordinary. It’s vitally important and we thank them for what they are doing.” Most are grab and go, with parents driving up to designated schools and receiving takeaway meals, but in some cases, schools are delivering the meals directly to students’ homes, Bellone said.

He also stood by Gov. Andrew Cuomo after New York City Mayor William deBlasio said city schools would remained closed for the remainder of the academic year.

Cuomo undercut deBlasio’s comments, saying, “It makes no sense for one locality to take an action that’s not coordinated with the others.” He said de Blasio could only offer his “opinion” and that the final call was up to state officials.  “He didn’t close them,” Cuomo said about de Blasio, “and he can’t open them.”
Bellone said, “Similar to other issues that we deal with on Long Island, school closures should be addressed on a regional basis. I agree with the governor’s prudent approach on this issue so that we can solicit input from local stakeholders and school districts across Suffolk County. If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we are One New York and all in this together.”
Suffolk County numbers:
  • 45,751 COVID-19 tests have been administered as of Saturday
  • 43.5 percent of those tested were confirmed positive for COVID-19
  • 20,321 confirmed cases (The number of confirmed cases has been adjusted to reflect the actual number of patients rather than the number of lab reports.)
  • Town breakdown can be found here.
  • 1,658 patients are hospitalized (up 16 from Friday)
  • 541 of hospitalized patients are in the intensive care unit, an increase of of 18 patients from April 10 
  • 458 individuals have died, up 44 from 414 on Friday
  • There are presently 3,404 hospital beds and 771 ICU beds in Suffolk County.
  • In the last 24 hours, 160 COVID-19 patients have been discharged from the hospital

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