Covid-19 Deaths Make Up Half of Recent Total in Huntington

The total number of Covid-19 deaths in Huntington exceeded 224 in the last month, records show, with the majority occurring in nursing homes.

Those virus-related deaths created a 28 percent increase in total deaths in the town during March 20-April 20–compared to last year,and account for 49 percent of deaths in Huntington in that time period.

According to town records, Huntington Hospital had 87 deaths in that time frame while the rest occurred at nursing homes or adult-care facilities (129) or private homes (8).

The total number of deaths recorded in Huntington from Jan.1-April 20, 2019 was 740; the total hit 1,024 in the same  period in 2020.

For the March 20-April 20 periods, in 2019, the total number of deaths was 225; in 2020, the total number in the same period was 458.

According to stats, Carillon (29), Hospice Inn (28), Apex (26) and Huntington Hills (20) recorded the most Covid-related deaths in nursing home/care facilities in that one-month period.


Nursing homes


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