Covid-19: State to Require Masks While Outside

Residents are  required to wear face masks in public, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Wednesday, hoping to further limit the spread of the coronavrius even as the number of new hospitalizations declines.

He also said “We have to talk about the reopening of the economy, how do we do this? We have to build a bridge from where we are to the reopening of the economy. Well, what does that look like? …We learn a lot if we’re willing to open our eyes and open our ears. So we’re going to a different place, which is a new normal, and we talk about the new normal, we’ve been talking about the new normal for years.

“Well, when is this over? I say, personal opinion, it’s over when we have a vaccine. It’s over when people know I’m 100 percent safe and I don’t have to worry about this. When does that happen? When we have a vaccine. When do we have a vaccine? 12 to 18 months.” 

Because of new reporting requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state is adjusting its totals to include some people whose deaths were not immediately attributed to the virus.

Another 752 people died in the state in the last 24 hours, 707 of them in hospitals and another 45 in nursing homes. The state confirmed 11,571 new coronavirus cases in New York State, bringing the total to 213,779

Huntington Station continues to stand out the number of infections: 823, with a total of 2,928 in town. In Suffolk, the number of infections rose to 23,480.

  • Huntington Supervisor Chad Lupinacci announced that HART riders should wear masks, but his statement was quickly superseded by the governor’s order requiring people to wear them in public. 
  • All accessory apartment and rental inspections scheduled through May 12 have been postponed until further notice.
  • The town continues to postpone all Traffic Court conference dates have been administratively adjourned since March 19, 2020 and through May 12, 2020; if your conference was scheduled for one of these dates, the Traffic Violations Bureau will contact you to schedule a new date. All parking tickets issued March 12, 2020 or later have an additional 30 days to respond without penalties imposed; now, responses received by Day 60 will avoid penalties, whether pleading guilty and paying the ticket or pleading not guilty and appealing the ticket.There is no change in deadlines for tickets issued March 11 or earlier

The governor also: 

  • Said the state will begin conducting antibody tests prioritizing frontline workers.
  • Will give Michigan 100 ventilators and Maryland 50.
  • Issued an order requiring nursing homes to inform relatives of residents about Covid-19 cases in the facility
  • Said SUNY and Cuny colleges are using 3-d printers to produce PPE equipment

Newsday maintains a list of the number of cases by community.

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