Covid-19 Update: Cuomo Cites ‘Apex,’ Worker Mask Rule to Take Effect

Another 778 people died in New York State, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday, even though other statistics continue to indicate that the epidemic has leveled off.

“We think we are at the apex,” the governor said. 

Suffolk County reported a total of 22,634 infections, with 2,888 in Huntington.

Johns Hopkins University created a new interactive map for the US, which shows coronavirus stats on the county level.

That puts Nassau as the fourth worst county in the country with 1,001 deaths and Suffolk seventh, with 608.

  • South Huntington school superintendent Dr. David Bennardo announced plans for a “heroes montage” of pictures submitted by members of the school community of their relatives working in the the medical, first responder, emergency and uniformed services, or even essential delivery and food-service roles. Photos should be sent to
  • Funeral homes have been granted permission to hold bodies up to 14 days from the usual six-day limit.
  • Starting Wednesday night, all workers classified as essential must wear masks, which employers are required to provide.
  •  New York State has asked the federal government for body bags because the state supply has been depleted.

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