Covid-19 Vaccinations to Open Feb.15 to Those With Medical Conditions

Residents with medical conditions given priority for the Covid-19 vaccination will be able to sign up Feb.14 for appointments Feb. 15, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Monday.

Those claiming they are qualified will have to provide proof of their condition, he said, which could mean a doctor’s letter, other medical information about comorbidity or a signed certification. He said local governments would determine what requirements will be established, and systems would be audited by a federal government system.

Asked if people lying about conditions to obtain the vaccine would face penalties, Cuomo said, “Look, everybody wants this vaccine. It is a precious resource, so precious i believe some people will commit fraud.  Yes,  fraud is fraud. If a person commits fraud, that has to be enforced.”

The Suffolk County Health Department later said it would continue to prioritize for essential workers in the 1B category.

“Until adequate supplies of COVID vaccine can be provided on a regular basis by the federal government through New York State, Suffolk County will be operating vaccine Points of Distribution events (PODs) for 1b essential workers. Those agencies, employers, and groups who are eligible will be contacted directly for appointments. As more vaccine doses become available, under guidance from New York State, Suffolk County will extend distribution to the broader population in a phased approach. More info on vaccine distribution can be found here:”


Medical Conditions Added to Covid-19 Vaccination Eligibility List



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  1. GM
    Is there anyway to make an appt for the 2nd week in May for a vaccine? I am currently out of state caring for an elderly family member and will need to isolate for 2 weeks upon return to NY end of April?
    Thank you
    Annette Stier

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