Cuomo Directs State Police to Stop Flow of Fireworks

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday directed the New York State Police to establish a new temporary Fireworks Enforcement Detail to prevent illegal fireworks being brought to New York from Pennsylvania.

The detail’s establishment is in response to a spike of illegal firework use throughout the state, which has generated widespread complaints and media reports. 

“Some nights in New York City, it sounds like the Wild West with all the fireworks going off,” Cuomo said. “I‘ve never heard it like this before. They’re disturbing. They bother people. And they are dangerous. And children, people, get hurt every year. It is illegal.”

The operation will be in place until July 3.

“We’ll also be helping local governments deal with this issue, but I need the local governments in this state to take it seriously,” Cuomo said. “I know there’s a lot going on a lot of levels, but this is illegal and it’s dangerous, so we have to stop it.”

Suffolk Second Precinct commander Insp. William Scrima said Monday that officers had responded to many calls recently and have stopped some  offenders. “We will have officers in the area to prevent as many incidents as we can,” he said.


2019 backyard display


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Backyard fireworks show in Huntington Thursday night.

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