Cuomo Sending Trump a ‘NY Cares’ Get Well Package

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Friday that he is sending a “New York Cares” get well package to President Trump and first lady Melania Trump following the announcement  that the pair had  tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The care package will include fresh apples from upstate farms, bagels from New York City, cheesecake from Junior’s, chicken wings from Dinosaur BBQ and apple cider.

“We can have political differences, and people know I have political differences with the president, and we’re both New Yorkers so we’re not shy about speaking our mind,”  Cuomo said. “This situation creates a lot of anxiety. I’ve gone through this in my family, and I’m sure his children and family are worried. So on behalf of the family of New York, I wish them a speedy recovery and they’re in our thoughts and prayers. And we’re going to be sending the President and First Lady a New York Cares package, just to give them some comfort as they go through this difficult period.”

Cuomo’s brother, Chris, a CNN news anchor, developed Covid-19 in April.



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