Cuomo Warns of Crackdown If Reopening Rules Are Ignored

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo warned local governments and businesses that flout social distancing and other rules could face an enforcement crackdown.

New York City, which was just allowed to reopen many businesses last week under Phase I rules that allow curbside retail, and the Hamptons, which entered Phase II on Wednesday,  were the subject of the most complaints, he said.

Suffolk County is again in the No.2 spot for new Covid-19 cases, behind New York City.

“To these people who are now violating it. It’s illegal. It’s also wrong. It is just disrespectful not to wear a mask,” Cuomo said. “It’s disrespectful to the health care workers and the essential workers who sacrificed themselves for 100 days, some of whom died and gave their life to crush this COVID virus. They gave their life. It is disrespectful not to have the courtesy, the decency, to wear a mask. We all celebrate them, demonstrations, TV ads, God bless the health care workers. Yeah, good, act that way. Act that way. Show a modicum of respect and wear a mask.

The governor said bars and restaurants that violate reopening rules and guidelines can lose their liquor license. And individuals can be fined for open container and social distancing violations. 

“We are not kidding around about this,” Cuomo said. “You’re talking about jeopardizing people’s lives.”

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