Cuomo Warns Utilities About Storm Performance

Updated: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo sharply criticized PSEG and Con Edison utilities Monday for their efforts to prepare for and recover from Tropical Storm Isaias last week, warning them that their licenses could be in danger.-

“Con Ed and PSEG are doing the worst jobs in terms of recovery,” Cuomo said on a teleconference with reporters. “I asked for an investigation and they’re in the midst of that. This is  an old story at this point. There will be storms and the utility companies know that.the essential service the utility provides is preparing for a storm ad recovering from a storm. They did a lousy job. It’s a technical term, lousy job. They were not prepared. They didn’t anticipate what it would take to get back on line quickly.
“It is not enough to say you were overwhelmed by calls. Of course you were overwhelmed,” he said. “Your franchise can be revoked. Con Ed, your license can be revoked.  I am as serous as a heart attack. PSEG, you KNOW your franchise can be revoked.”
PSEG-LI said, “This storm caused significant damage to the electric system. At this time, we are focused on restoring power safely, as quickly as possible.”

Cuomo teleconference

Meanwhile PSEG-LI said that about 17,000 remain without power since Tuesday’s storm, with about 403,000 

 As of 11:30 a.m., PSEG Long Island reports approximately 17,000 of the approximately 420,000 storm-affected customers remain without power, with 403,000 customers restored. It said it was checking on new outages reported after the storm, recognizing that some of these jobs tie back to Tuesday’s storm.

PSEG-LI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Clean-Up Underway as Officials Denounce PSEG’s Response to Storm

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