DA Reviewing Video of Man Shouting Slurs

A racist rant caught on video is under review by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Newsday reported Saturday.

A man who said he was a Huntington Station resident posted the video to Facebook, as Huntington Now reported on July 19. In the video, a white driver is shown repeatedly using a racial slur after the two men apparently got into a traffic dispute.

The incident occurred in Deer Park  while he was dropping his son off, the Huntington Station man said. After using the racial slur several times and seeing that he was being videotaped, the second man tells him, “Put it on tape that you can’t drive, you cut people off, make sure you show it to the cops,” before using the slur again, and then driving off.

As of last week, neither the district attorney’s office nor Suffolk’s police department had received a complaint about the exchange, according to officials, Newsday said. But Sini said his office nonetheless had decided to “take a look to see if any crime was committed.”





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