Democrat Avrum Rosen to Run for 12th Assembly District

Democrat Avrum Rosen declared his candidacy Friday for the 12th Assembly District, a seat being vacated by Andrew Raia who was elected last week as town clerk.

Rosen, a Centerport resident, jumped into the Assembly race last year after another Democrat was ruled ineligible over residency requirements.

Among his issues: 

The environment. “Despite the warnings, New York and the nation have failed to adequately protect our environment. I have lived my entire life on Long Island, and I know we must protect our groundwater and change our construction practices while making our homes and businesses energy efficient.”

School safety. “This election is personal for me in another way; My wife is an educator, and I worry about her every day. My grandchildren do active shooter drills in nursery school. No child, and no teacher on Long Island should be fearful of going to work or going to school.”

Economy. “We must fix the trajectory of our economy so that our kids can actually afford to stay on Long Island, in a home to call their own. I will fight for tax credits for student loan payments and the establishment of a state agency that would refinance student loan debt at reasonable rates. I will fight for incentives for commercial buildings that provide onsite childcare and to give tax breaks to family doctors that establish practices in high need areas. I will also work to ban prescription drug advertising that preys on our elderly.”

An attorney since the 1980s who specializes in bankruptcy, Rosen previously worked with youth as an outreach drug counselor, and then ran the Huntington Youth Bureau project. He has developed  programs on child abuse, drug abuse and other issues.

The 12th Assembly District includes portions of Huntington, Babylon and Islip townships.


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