Developer Pulls Apartment Project in Greenlawn

The developer who wanted to build 260 apartments in Greenlawn withdrew the proposal Wednesday but said they plan to resubmit the proposal later.
Engel Burman principal Steven Krieger said that the company is withdrawing their proposal as it gathers “additional comments from the surrounding community and will be resubmitting their plan following that effort.”

“There has not been a single residential development in our portfolio where we did not have a thoughtful, comprehensive, and productive discussion with the community before submitting a proposal for governmental review and approval,”  Krieger said. “In Greenlawn, we are in the throes of doing exactly that and our decision to postpone a hearing allows us more time to review the community’s comments and input and further engage our neighbors.”

The developer wanted to build the non-age restricted apartments off Pulaski Road in an area previously occupied by a now-closed equestrian center.

The proposal was immediately met by outrage on the part of some in the community, leading the Town Board to move its meeting next week to the Jack Abrams STEM school to accommodate more residents. Some opponents accused members of the Town Board of reneging on pledges to oppose “overdevelopment” though no board member was known to have offered support for the development.

Under the original plan, the developer proposed residential structures would be two stories, consistent with neighboring homes. The plan also includes 225 feet and 270 feet setbacks from Pulaski Road to the closest residential building.

The apartments are priced for sale in excess of half a million dollars.

Named “The Seasons at Greenlawn,”  the developer said its plan factored in the drop in student enrollment as the community ages.

The data published by the NYS Dept of Education reveals that the Harborfields School district has 637 fewer students enrolled from over a decade ago. (2012/13 versus. 2021/22 school years). This is a decrease of more than 18% of total enrollment over the reporting period.

The developer also said it had conducted “an exhaustive traffic survey was undertaken by Engel Burman in coordination with the Suffolk County Department of Public Works for the purpose of studying the installation of a traffic light at the site’s entrance. The traffic engineer’s analysis reveals that local traffic can accommodate autos that would come from the proposed community and any increase was determined to be diminutive.

Krieger added, “Our role to review the comments and engage our Greenlawn neighbors is consistent with who we are as a Long Island developer, our long standing corporate culture, and our commitment to communities where we build.”

This story will update.

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  1. Make it affordable for seniors so that homes can be sold to young families. It’s become impossible for many seniors and young buyers to afford living in Greenlawn. We’re not all millionaires. You’ll see…the prices will go up and the residents from Nassau County will move in.

  2. In excess of half a million dollars! Really! How are retirees and couples starting out and young families with children supposed to afford that? Your driving working class citizens out of working class neighborhoods. Your driving citizens off Long Island period! Where is there any affordability anywhere on this high priced Island!?

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