Dix Hills Pool Closed After Guard Has ‘Faint Positive’ Covid-19 Test


The Town reopened the pool as of Monday.

Earlier: The town’s pool in Dix Hills is closed Sunday because on the guards who worked earlier in the week had a “faint positive” for Covid-19.

The guard last worked at the pool Wednesday, the town said. The employee visited their doctor’s office Friday morning on Long Island and then went to school out of state later in the afternoon where the infection was detected. Results from another test are expected this weekend, the town said.

“We are currently investigating and awaiting the results of the second test. In the meantime, out an abundance of caution, we will keep the Dix Hills Pool closed on Sunday. None of our staff members are showing signs of COVID-19 but we still are asking all to self-isolate until we receive the second test result,” the town said. The pool was closed Saturday because of the weather.

“We will use this time to do additional sanitizing and cleaning of all areas at Dix Hills Pool to maintain a safe and healthy environment for residents and staff.”

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