Dix Hills Rabbi Outlines Plans in Response to Anti-Semitism

A Dix Hills rabbi Monday laid out his plans for the new year in light of the rise in anti-Semitism.

Rabbi Yakov Saacks, director of The Chai Center, said that his plans include working on relationships with non-Jews. But they also include hosting courses on home defense and  noting that a donor is willing to provide shotguns to 30 people who are willing to take courses on gun ownership. “Probably wise to own after the new judicial State laws go into effect,” he said, apparently referring bail laws that will kick in Wednesday.

A recent series of anti-Semitic attacks has rattled Jewish communities around the country. The most recent attack involved a man who charged into the home of a rabbi in Rockland County, and stabbed five people who were celebrating Chanukah. Prosecutors said the suspect had searched the phrase “Why did Hitler hate the Jews” on a computer about a month before the attack. His family said he was mentally ill.

This is what Rabbi Saacks wrote on Facebook.

In light of the uptick of anti semitism, I plan on doing the following in 2020.

1. Inviting non jewish leaders to the Chai Center so that relationships can be established.

2. I also plan on visiting non Jewish communal leaders at their respective offices and homes.

3. Host courses on home defense at no charge.

4. A donor is willing to provide a shotgun to 30 people, provided the recipient takes a proper course on gun ownership. Probably wise to own after the new judicial State laws go into effect.

5. Holding classes for the broader community to be able to understand and reflect on the beauty of Judaism, and demonstrate our humanity.



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