‘Doc’ Spencer in Jail After Pleading Guilty in Deal

William “Doc” Spencer, whose arrest in October 2020 shocked leaders in the local world of both medicine and politics, and led to a stunning fall from grace, was jailed Friday after he pleaded guilty to reduced charges of tampering with records, a felony, and a misdeamenor charge of patronizing a prostitute.

Spencer, an otolaryngologist at Huntington Hospital, represented the 18th District in the Suffolk County Legislature and was an outspoken voice against drug abuse, vaping, and teen use of energy drinks and other stimulants.

The Centerport resident, 55, was arrested in Elwood on two drug charges when police discovered he was communicating with a prostitute and carrying two oxycodone pills  to pay her off.

Newsday said that the plea deal means that Spencer, a Democrat, will serve a 6-month jail sentence, after which he will have to provide 420 hours of community service. If he succeeds in completing his probation term, prosecutors will dismiss the felony plea.

Upon his release, he’ll have to do 420 hours of community service while still on his initial probation term, which includes what officials call mental health conditions.

While Spencer gave up leadership roles in the Legislature after his arrest, he did not resign. He did not seek re-election, but was succeeded in the office by Republican Stephanie Bontempi.


Spencer Arraigned on 2 Drug Charges



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