Dolan Center, UnitedHealthcare Collaborate on Home Visits, Other Services

The Dolan Family Health Center and UnitedHealthcare are working together to help provide more comprehensive care to patients who frequently require health care for serious ailments.

The collaboration, called My Connections, involved UnitedHealthcare observing high-risk patients to develop better ways to care for them. Some of the strategies that the Dolan Family Health Center and UnitedHealthcare have determined will benefit this population in the Huntington community include home visits, helping to better control the social factors of health and better understanding the impact a trauma can have on a patient.

“Many years ago, physicians made home visits regularly and the My Connections project showed that renewing that practice for these patients can be very helpful for the patients and the health care provider as well,” said Joseph Volavka, PT, MBA, senior administrative director of the Dolan Family Health Center. “By using the expertise of a care manager who made home visits with their colleagues to patients in the community, the patient’s health improved and they required less visits to a physician or other medical care.”

The Dolan Family Health Center has taken several steps to help control a person’s social determinants of health. There are several physicians of different specialties who offer their services at the Dolan Family Health Center at a reduced cost to patients so they can receive the health care they need.

For more information about the Dolan Family Health Center, call 631-425-5250.


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