Dr. Ruth Coming to Cinema Arts

Dr. Ruth Westheimer will be speaking and celebrating her birthday Wednesday at Cinema Arts in Huntington.

The program includes a copy of her book, The Doctor Is In: Dr Ruth on Love Life and Joie de Vivre, and a performance of klezmer music by Metropolitan Klezmer.

“Dr. Ruth is totally the Ruth Bader Ginsburg of sex.” – The Hollywood Reporter said of the sex specialist, who turned 91 on June 4.

With her  thick German accent and uninhibited approach to sex therapy and education Dr. Ruth has transformed the conversation around sexuality.

Dr. Ruth shares private stories from her past and insights into living life to the fullest at any age.  She is known as a sex therapist but she has done much more, having narrowly escaped death in the Holocaust, lived in an orphanage in Switzerland or later served a sniper during Israel’s War of Independence.

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