East Northport Residents Protest LIPA, Urge Cuomo To Intervene

Around 70 people gathered at the John Walsh Park in East Northport Saturday morning to protest against the Long Island Power Authority’s efforts to reduce property taxes on the company’s power plants located in Suffolk and Nassau county.

LIPA has sought to reduce its property taxes on the Northport plant, which would significantly raise taxes on local residents.

LIPA officials claim that their assessed property value of $3.4 billion is too high, but protesters say that a cut to LIPA’s tax bill would harm the local school district and impact county finances.

Suffolk County Republican Comptroller John Kennedy told protesters that he expects Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to intervene and stop LIPA’s demand for a tax break.

“The governor has to tell this board to stop with the posture of ignoring what their appointment and mission is and open their eyes, open up their ears, and engage in some genuine, meaningful discussion here,” he said.

Megan DeRiso, a resident of East Northport who has three children attending the local school, says the increase in taxes will devastate her children’s school district.

“They’re looking to get their money somehow, and they’re looking to get it through the little guy, through us,” said DeRiso. “Their whole goal is to not only devastate our community, but any community that is a host to LIPA’s plants.”

The Town of Huntington and LIPA are scheduled for court next month to discuss the assessed value of the plant.

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