Educators Deliver for Whitman Seniors

South Huntington school educators reinstated a happy protocol that began in the glum days of the Covid-19 pandemic, delivering lawn signs and personal congratulations to Whitman seniors who will soon graduate.

Walt Whitman principal John Murphy promoted  the return of the sign delivery that began during pandemic as a way of providing seniors with recognition when schools were shut down and public gatherings, such as commencements, were shut down. The practice had ended when school returned to normal.

On Saturday, he and other educators divvied up deliveries to different parts of the district, dashing from one address to another to plant 505 lawn signs. They spoke with parents who were home and posed for pictures with students after planting the signs before zipping off to the next home.

More than one student to be awakened but they cheerfully posed as they fixed or covered up their bed hair. Not all were sleepyheads–one student had to be summoned from the backyard where he was helping his father mow and clear the lawn.

The signs were provided by the Whitman PTA.


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