Educators Seek Contributions for Classroom, Remote Learning

Teachers throughout Huntington are raising funds to equip their classrooms ahead of the planned reopening of schools in September.

Some projects involve equipping students to learn from home. 

On DonorsChoose, teachers identify needs, many brought about by Covid-19 social distancing rules, ranging from more musical instruments to tables, seats, library learning with Legos, materials to improve fine motor skillsa document camera,supplies, such as binders, and seeds.

Educators seeking funds for musical equipment point out the need for more instruments because they can no longer be shared with other students.

Donors can also contribute funds for teachers to use as needed. Many teachers address the need to provide equity in learning opportunities, concerned about students who come from less-advantaged homes falling behind other students who can afford private tutoring or other ways to keep up with their education. Others are trying to add tools that will enable them to teach the same lesson to students in their classrooms or at home.


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